Once Upon A Time!

About Us

Back in 1999, Pat Bauer turned her passion for tax returns from a side hustle into a thriving CPA practice. What began as a one-woman show using the quaintly named “Pencil Pushers” tax software has evolved into a dynamic team of nine empowered women. In over two decades, we’ve embraced technological advances, transitioning into a mostly virtual environment while staying true to our core values of personalized solutions and a welcoming atmosphere.

While our tools have gone high-tech, our commitment to a friendly, neighborly approach remains unchanged. Today, our team of professional women brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, providing trusted services in a way that feels just like having a knowledgeable neighbor you can rely on.


Serving Our Clients Since 1999!

We are a women-owned CPA firm based in San Antonio Texas.

We Value

The relationships we build with our clients and strive to provide personalized, accurate, and value-added services that help our clients prosper. We have kept our team size small, but have grown exponentially in experience and talent.

we believe

  • In kindness and candor
  • In clarity
  • In teamwork
  • That relationships are a two-way street
  • That learning is a lifelong journey

Bauer, Willis & Associates, Inc.

Founded by Pat Bauer & Tee Willis

2003 & 2004

BWC & Associates, Inc.

Kylene and Marisol join the firm

2012 & 2018

BWC & Associates, Inc.

Kylene & Marisol become partners

2020 & 2022


New name – again
Tee retires from the firm
Pat retires from the firm

Meet Your Team

Kylene Carse, CPA
Kylene Carse, CPA
Marisol Orozco, CPA
Marisol Orozco, CPA
Jessica Guajardo, CPA - Tax & Accounting
Jessica Guajardo, CPA
Kylene Carse, CPA
Becca Williams, EA
Rose Yanez
Corina Contreras
Katie George
Katie George
Meghan Ort
Angelica Gonzalez