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As accountants, we love assets. We carefully and purposefully select the tools we utilize internally to perform our work and the ones we use with clients for collaboration, accounting, payroll, and other functions.

Finding technology partners we trust that we can incorporate into our toolbox is one of our top priorities, and believe us, we are extra picky in making these choices!



I received a suspicious call from the IRS or social security administration telling me I owe them money, or I am going to jail. Is this for real?

These types of calls are definitely scams! The IRS and SSA will NEVER call you without your initiation first. Do not give out any personal data and hang up immediately if you receive a call. Read more about these scams at the IRS Tax Scams Consumer Alerts page, and the Social Security Administration Fraud FAQs page. 

How long will it take for me to get my income tax refund?

The IRS has a handy tool called “Where’s My Refund” that can give you a real-time answer. All you’ll need is your social security number, your tax filing status, and the exact amount of the refund you are expecting. Go to the IRS Refunds page.

Please note that we are seeing a longer turn-around on refunds due to Stimulus Payment matching and calculations, as well as reduced staffing and capacity at the IRS. Continue to check the refund tool, and know that you may see a status of “Return is being processed” for several weeks to months.

How can I find out how much social security income I received over the past year?

The SSA allows you to create an online account where you can find your statement, change your address and start or change your direct deposit information along with many other features. Learn more at the SSA Online Services page. 

How many tax deadlines are there?

A lot! Contrary to popular belief, there are many more tax deadlines than just April 15. While the April deadline is the most famous, every deadline is equally important to the IRS and multiple state agencies. If you really want all the details, give us a call and we’ll give you an exciting laundry list of deadlines. 

Does filing an extension mean that I don’t have to pay my taxes until October?

Nope! This is a common misconception. An extension gives you 6 extra months to file your tax return, only. If you owe tax, you must pay your tax due by the initial deadline of April 15. If payment is made after that date, the IRS will add penalties and interest to the amount owed. We can help with extension estimates; you just have to let us know you think you might owe tax!

I’ve just found out that I’m coming into an inheritance, what should I do with respect to taxes?

Our condolences. The amount and type of inheritance you receive could greatly affect your tax return for that year and future years. A CPA, along with a financial adviser, and possibly an attorney, can help guide you towards making smart tax and financial decisions for your situation, especially when you are the recipient of an unexpected windfall. 


Do I really need a CPA?

We think you do!  95% of the people we talk to probably benefit from having a trusted CPA in their corner. 

Every tax return and person/family/business behind the return is unique, with situations and circumstances all their own. With tax laws changing every year, it can be difficult to know all the rules that apply to your situation. A CPA can help navigate and explain these changes and how they impact you, prepare and file accurate tax returns using professional tax software, and assist in planning future strategies to lessen the financial impact of the law changes where possible. 

Why do I have to fill out a tax questionnaire every year?

Whether minor or major, changes in your life and the IRS tax code are inevitable. We created our questionnaires to help us identify missing items early on in our process. By completing the questionnaire, you save us time and it saves you money when potential changes are identified upfront in the process. 

What is the average time it takes to process a tax return?

Truth is that tax returns can be simple or complex. Also, we are human, and life happens. Our turn-around time is dependent on the complexity, completeness, and timely receipt of tax documents. We try to set reasonable turn-around expectations when you send documents to us; however, we also have families and require sleep, so we may get to a point where we ask you to consider filing an extension.

When can I have a tax document burning party?

Don’t get the pyrotechnics out just yet! Many requirements span 7 years, some longer, some shorter. To get the skinny before you light it up, give us a call so we can determine the actual party date. 

Why are you recommending I send all documents electronically?

We as a firm have made the strategic decision to eventually be a completely virtual office. The roadmap to getting us to that point requires that clients start to become familiar and comfortable with the security tools we are now utilizing.

Receiving documents in an electronic format can greatly increase our efficiency. The most important factor to remember is that sending electronically must also be secure! We have several different tools available to clients to help facilitate a secure and streamlined transfer system for documents. See our resource list above.

Why does it seem like your website always looks different?

At BWCO CPAs, we believe in lifelong journeys, including creative ones. We want to differentiate our firm from others in the field and like to stretch our creative muscles by changing how our website looks and feels at least once a year. We enjoy staying up to date with the latest trends in web design, and speaking of which, check out our AI-generated profile pictures on our Team page! Maybe we are crazy, but we absolutely love the creative outlet the design changes allow us!

Our Technology

While our firm operates almost entirely in the cloud, rest assured our heads are NOT in the cloud when it comes to protecting your information. We strive to provide convenient, private, and secure ways to manage your business and personal tax and accounting information. We are committed to building security in everything we do.

Our internal processes and tools help ensure that everyone at BWCO considers your security as an integral part of what we do. BWCO is also compliant with IRS best practices for data security.


Client Collaboration Tool

Collaborate directly and securely with clients.


Secure Messaging Portal & Document Management

Pronounced: “liss-ee-oh
A free and secure mobile app and dashboard for our clients to send and receive files.



An easy, integrated platform, to automate and simplify payroll, benefits, and HR.


Accounting & Payroll

Customizable reports show how business is doing, and where to improve.




Jun 2024

17 – Individual taxes due for citizens and resident aliens living and working outside the U.S.

17 – Second quarter estimated taxes due

Jul 2024

31 - Q2 Payroll Reports Due

Sep 2024

16 – Third quarter estimated taxes due

16 – 1120S, 1065 extended tax return due date

30 - 1041 extended due date

Oct 2024

15 - 1120 extended due date

15 – Tax due date for individuals who filed for an extension

31 - Q3 Payroll reports due

Nov 2024

15 - TX Franchise extended due date

Dec 2024

31 – Deadline for Required Minimum Distributions for retirement accounts

Jan 2025

15 – Final estimated tax payment of 2024 due

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