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More than Just Tax Returns

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  At BWCO we like to also think that you can be certain to find a fabulous group of hard-working women, dedicated to the craft of not making your taxes feel like death! In all seriousness though, we love what we do, and hope you find we have so much more to offer than just a tax return.


Business Tax Services

In today’s world, business owners often find themselves wearing the proverbial and often literal “twenty hats”. At BWCO, we are here to wear a number of hats for you in the accounting and tax arena of your business.

Individual Tax Services

Let us help you comply with your individual tax reporting requirements and be proactive with tax planning as you experience or anticipate life’s many changes.

Estate & Trust Tax Services

Navigating the complexities of a fiduciary’s many duties can be a daunting task. We can assist executors and trustees with their accounting and tax reporting requirements.
Business Tax Services
We love a clean set of books to prepare business tax returns from. Whether your books are squeaky clean or need a little love, they are the foundation on which your business returns are prepared. Our tax services, which can be further customized to each client’s unique needs, will include:

  • Checkup and adjustments to your accounting records to comply with tax basis reporting
  • Preparation of federal business tax returns and/or schedules
  • Preparation of state filings
  • Recommendations for streamlining and/or improving your chart of accounts, reporting, and accounting processes
  • Recommendations for more frequent checkups and planning
Bookkeeping Services

Speaking of those hats, we can wear the hat of a bookkeeper for our small businesses, but the fit has to be right. Sometimes utilizing BWCO as your outsourced bookkeeper is the best fit for your business, other times you are better served with an in-house bookkeeper along with us as a support system. Either way, we can help by providing:

  • Customized online cloud accounting software and automated data-entry options
  • Account reconciliations
  • Software recommendations, setup, and training/implementation for owners and/or in-house bookkeepers
  • Availability as a backup bookkeeper if the need ever arises
Accounting & Advisory Services

“I have a bookkeeper. Why do I need your accounting service?” Great question, and one that is best answered with the dreaded “It depends.” Often times an in-house bookkeeper didn’t intend to end up in that role. The person may not have had formal training or education in the accounting field. This doesn’t mean your bookkeeper isn’t a good fit, it just means that there is a potential for misclassified transactions and financial statement presentations. Whether we do your bookkeeping or not, it’s important to consider the value an accountant can bring to your books and business on a more regular basis. These services are highly customizable to each client’s needs, but typically could include:

  • Monthly/quarterly/as needed checkups and adjustments to your accounting records
  • Prepared financial statements
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Government legislation assistance (just think PPP or ERC or DPAD)
  • Quarterly and annual payroll reporting assistance and year-end 1099 services

Ever heard of a project triangle, triple constraint, or iron triangle? Basically, you have to pick two sides out of the three – Fast, Good, or Cheap. It’s very hard to deliver all three without compromising one. We believe that pricing should reflect the value we bring to your business and the scope you would like us to perform. Because there are a plethora of factors that could influence the perception of value, including the scope and timing of work, we do not provide pricing for business services online. We require an in-depth pricing conversation and proposal process with our clients or potential clients to determine what is the best fit for each unique situation.

Tax Services
  • Federal, state, and gift tax compliance
  • Strategical planning and tax advisory services
We work hard.  You work hard.  It’s important to us that we remain as transparent as possible with our clients regarding our prices and services. Soon we will be offering a number of different packages to choose from for your individual tax services. Until then, our individual tax services start at a minimum price of $750.
Tax Services
  • Federal, state, and gift tax compliance
  • Strategical planning and tax advisory services
It’s rare that we see an estate or trust that is exactly like another. Just like humans, estates and trusts can be varied in complexity and often nuanced and set in their ways. Because of this, we prefer to discuss each unique situation with the fiduciary and provide customized pricing. However, fiduciaries can expect to see pricing starting at a minimum of $1500.

Our Processes

Our process for client tax work is designed to provide a streamlined and low hassle experience. We utilize a number of secure software platforms to communicate and collaborate through that very much improve our efficiency in the “behind the scenes” tax artistry at our virtual office.

Our 1040 Process


Client Outreach & Coordination

Each January we craft a highly sought-after tax packet (or as clients refer to them “that tax thing”), which we then send out to our individual and business clients. The packets include a “what’s new in the tax year” intro, a detailed tax questionnaire, and a lengthy and boring, yet very much required tax engagement letter.

Upon receipt of all client documents, we will start the process of digitizing documents. This start date is predicated on how you provide these documents to us. Is the document packet complete, or will we have to hound you fifteen times for missing items? Are the electronic images readable and in a format that doesn’t require a secret decoder ring? It’s helpful that you actually open and read the packet mentioned above to ensure a smooth document experience. Also, NO text messaged images – this is for your security and our sanity!


Tax Return Preparation

An experienced member of our tax team will initially review your digitized support document file and prepare a draft of your tax return. She may contact you with questions and/or requests for missing information.

The quicker you respond to our team, the faster your return will move through our process. Once our tax team is finished with their part, the return will be put into your CPA’s “review queue”.


Review & E-filing

Review &

Your CPA reviews and finalizes your tax return and will contact you to discuss your tax return and coordinate any refund or payment arrangements details. She will also discuss any significant changes from the prior year and answers any questions you may have. During this conversation, we may also suggest additional tax estimates and/or check-ins throughout the upcoming year. Your CPA will then send you a secure electronic copy of your return for review and signature through DocuSign and our client portal system.

Once you have digitally signed your tax return, a signed copy notification will be returned to us, which indicates that you have reviewed your tax return and authorize us to file it electronically with the IRS. We will e-file your tax return with the IRS within 2-3 business days of receiving the signature notification.

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